Summer Stretch Flex 2 - Auburn Home

On June 21, our second TORCH event took place! As students arrived, they were able to sit and chat with old (and some new!) friends while decorating clay pots that would be taken to our service event later that day. TJ and Bernadette set the pace for the energy our day required with another icebreaker, this time including a little more exercise. The students ran across an open field to collect golf balls with spins in a relay, cheering on their teammates in the process.

After our icebreaker finished, we headed to our service event for the day. The students headed to Chaska to visit with and bring joy to residents at Auburn Homes & Services. There are residents staying in this 90 year old community that are living independently, and also those who require assisted living. Residants may be staying in the facilities temporarily while working on rehabilitation after injuries or illnesses or receiving memory care, or they may live at Auburn Homes full time. As proudly stated during our visit and on the home’s website, “in the spirit of Christ’s love, Auburn Homes & Services enriches the lives of those we serve through wholistic care and ministry strengthened by community relationships.”

Once we arrived at Auburn Homes, students got to decide what they wanted to do for the day. Some TORCH members took residents on a walk around historical downtown Chaska, pushing their wheelchairs and bringing smiles to their faces on the beautiful summer day. Others who stayed back at Auburn Homes planted flowers in the pots that were decorated earlier with residents, then delivered individual potted flowers to residents all around Auburn Homes. Regardless of what specific activity a student chose to do, the joy they all brought to residents and nurses around the home was easy to sense.

Next up was the bowling alley where students ate pizza, drank pop and lemonade, and enjoyed a few games. The students had a glow about them as they laughed and enjoyed one another’s company after bringing joy to other’s lives. We are loving the relationships these students are developing with one another already. Looking back all the great events that went on in June, we can’t wait to see how much more TORCH will grow and bond over these next summer months!

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